Copy My Futures Trades On Collective2

Many of you are familiar with my Bitcoin trading and analysis, but unfamiliar with what I do full time and that is day trade financial futures.


Momentum Navigator is the name of the strategy that I employ in the E Mini Nasdaq and Dow Jones Industrials futures markets. You can see my actual performance and trading record here.


What about Bitcoin futures? I am not offering Bitcoin futures because the bid/ask spreads are not practical for the strategy that I employ. When these spreads narrow over time, I plan to include this market as well.


Thanks to the social trading technology of Collective2, it is now possible to automatically copy my futures trades into your own brokerage account.This is not for everyone though since you need at least 30K to participate most effectively.


Trading futures can be rewarding IF you have the confidence and a solid trading plan. It also carries a lot of risk, especially if you are a newer trader. Thanks to Collective2, you now have an easy way to follow and benefit from the trading strategy and experience of a 20 year veteran.

Momentum Navigator

$149/ per month

  • NQ, YM
    30K Minimum